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RTTGroup a new Autodesk 3ds Max plug-in January 4, 2008

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RTTGroup is a new Autodesk 3ds Max plug-in intended to replace the limited render to texture built-in capabilities of the 3ds Max itself.RTTGroup significantly expands the standard render to texture functionality.It allows for grouping objects which are targets for render to texture process.The RTTGroup’s built-in automatic mesh unwrap mapping algorithm is very efficient and easily manages to correctly unwrap even complex meshes and tries to achieve an optimal texture space usage. RTTGroup features an automatic parametrized unwrap mapping tool ideal for creating lighting and shading textures (lightmaps) in complex scenes. Simulation and games whichuse the lightmaps rendered with RTTGroup can display images with advanced lighting and shading created with techniques requiring significant computingpower like radiosity or raytracing. The popular 3ds Max renderers are supported: default scanline, mental ray and V-Ray.

The full power of the RTTGroup plug-in has been recently used in creation ofthe complex lighting textures for The Witcher RPG game released in October 2007 by Atari.

The plug-in works with 3ds Max version 6, 7, 8, 9 (32-bit) and 2008
(32-bit). More information about RTTGroup, the downlodable demo and online ordering are available at the developer’s page:



1. blog - January 27, 2008



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